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Extraordinarily valued natural wealth, by which Rejdova and the upper Gemer region are gifted, offers many possibilities for recognition, relaxation, sports and also for return to natural values with repeated appreciation of their meaning.

Many localities in this territory have retained its original appearance and are a great attraction for coming visitors.

Almost all the region's territory is placed in geomorphologic area of Slovak Ore Mountains.

It includes Spissko-gemersky Krast, Stolicke Hills, Volovske Hills, Roznavska Fold and Slovak Krast.

The interval of altitudes is from 184m in Turniansky stream valley, to 1476m on the top of Stolicke Hills in Rejdova.

The National Park Slovak Karst is the largest karst territory in Slovakia.

It represents a system of karst plateaus with typical heath and forested surface, separated each other by canyons and gaps.

A favourite excursion place in Slovak Karst is surprisingly imposing valley Zadielska.

The National Park Slovak Paradise, which has become unforgettable for thousands of visitors by its wild canyons, droning waterfalls, murmuring streams and silent ridges with views to far away, encroaches to region territory from the north.

An unique treasury of Slovak Paradise, the ice cave Dobsinska with beautiful ice decoration, is situated in this area.

The dam lake Dedinky with ideal possibilities for fishermen and lovers of water sports is situated in the north of region, what is the south part of the National Park Slovak Paradise. Visitors can use a chairlift from the dam lake up onto the Geravy plateau.

This dam is approx. 30 minutes by car from Rejdova.

All this area around Rejdova provides unique rich possibilities of summer and winter tourism. The selection is really large.

By snow covered slopes and mountain sides in winter are a scene of exciting sports ski competitions. In Rejdova, you can find built ski centres, offering excellent conditions for slope and cross country skiing.

Tourists paths provide with possibilities to spend a pleasant time while getting acquainted with multiform nature of local mountains.

You will find here also educational paths in the most attractive and often visited areas built up in order to serve this purpose.

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