Dobsinska ice cave

The kingdom of eternal ice has made this cave one of the most famous in Europe. The burying of subterranean rooms, which were an extension of the cave system, cause total cooling and the rising of 140,000 cubic metres of ice, 7,000 - 9,000 years ago. Fragile ice stalactites have been charming the visitors for years. The scenery of Great and Small Halls is enchanting because of decoration.

The cave was discovered as early as 1870 and opened to the public in 1882. This cave was the first in Europe to be illuminated by electricity and is listed in Wold Natural Heritage UNESCO, together with caves of Slovak Karst, since 2000. This cave is only 30 minutes from the magic village Rejdova.

This cave is open from May 15th to September 15th.


Cave7.jpg Leaking rain water has created a system of caves and abysses in the underground of the limestone plateaus. Caves of the Slovak Karst together with caves of the neighbouring Aggtelek Karst in the territory of Hungary are a part of World Natural Heritage - UNESCO since 1995.

Rich dripstone decoration and sailing down the underground river Styx, what is a part of cave tour, charms visitors of cave Domica.

This cave was known as a cave of ancient man, Neolithic man dwelt in this cave 5,000 - 6,000 years ago.

Several halls of this cave encourage the visitor to discover this primeval cave. An unforgettable experience is a boat cruise on the Styx river, a subterranean stream. This cave is approximately 45 minutes by car from Rejdova.

This cave is open all year round.


Cave8.jpg The cave Gombasecka been used for speleotherapy. Is very fragile stalactites, called straws, extend up to 3 metres. It is also called the Magic cave. The Marble room is very diverse.

Time stops in two halls of this cave. Visitors to the cave won't know what to admire first, the uniqueness and fragility, or the wide colour range of the decoration.

This cave is open from April 1 through October 31st.


Cave4.jpg The subterranean kingdom of Permon is decorated by little stars of aragonite. Unique in the entire world, incomparable crystals evoke the feeling of fragility and gentleness.

These prove best what an artist nature can be, and show treasures being hidden in the underground rooms.

The hard work of miners, who discovered the cave after digging a research gallery, enable visitors to admire Marble Hall, Milky Way Hall and the aragonite heart, that seems to be giving the life to the cave.

This cave if open from April 1 through October 10th.

Demanovska ice cave

Cave5.jpg In the magnificent scenery of the Demanovska valley, inside a rock there is a cave long known to Europeans.

The first mention of this cave can be found in records from the year 1299.

It used to be called Dragon's cave in the past. The bears' corridor with its huge stalagmite, as well as Bella's Hall, fascinate the visitor, who is later impressed by the ice rooms Kmet's and Great Hall.


Cave1.jpg The monumental stalactite formations in the very first halls make the visitor to this cave feel the amazing power of nature. Yet, in the next moment, the cave reveals its fragility.

Once ancient man lived in its rooms and people knew of this cave in the Middle Ages. Because of this the cave is listed as an important paleolontogical and archeological site.

The monks from the nearby monastery opened the cave to the public in 1846 so that every visitor could admire its beauty.

This cave is open all year round.

Demanovska Cave of Liberty

Cave2.jpg Here are unique formations shaped for thousands of years by the little river Demanovska. Billions of small water drops have created superb decorations, full of colour and fragile beauty.

Only nature could have designed fabulous Pink Hall, Emerald lake or Magic lake. The colossal rooms of Great Hall alternate with narrow corridors which are richly decorated. The Gothic Column, Mouring Willow Waterfall, as well as Golden Lake, are very impressive.

For its incomparability the cave was named the Temple of Liberty.

This cave is open all year round.

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